A Commitment to Excellence in Acrobatic Instruction

LIFT firmly believes that teaching is an act of service to others,
and providing teachers with the guidance to create high quality and
uplifting acrobatics training experiences is it’s highest goal.
The way towards teachership is prepared by study and training.
The teachers most able to provide great experiences for
students are those that have spent the most time training as
students themselves.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

  • As a beginning acrobat in 2009, I was not the patient type. I had some videos from social media and I was ready to take off into the world of acro awesomeness. There were no teachers around me (though I sought out a great many...

  • Training partner acrobatics works the body in some great ways, and can also create imbalance and pain when not paired with a more holistic exercise program. Acrobatics is primarily a pushing sport both in L-Basing and standing situations. Given that acrobats do primarily do variations...