Lift Fundamentals: Getting started.

Lift Fundamentals: Getting started.

As a beginning acrobat in 2009, I was not the patient type. I had some videos from social media and I was ready to take off into the world of acro awesomeness. There were no teachers around me (though I sought out a great many later), and no other acrobats, so I just went for it with whomever would go there with me.

It took me about a year of muddling around to realize that while I was having a ton of fun, I was not measurably improving. My skills were sloppy and were not changing much even though I was doing many hours of acro a week, and the goal skills that I wanted were not getting closer.

After that year, I discovered that going slowly and mindfully through repetitions of basic movements and developing proficiency with grips and static balances yielded much better, faster, and safer results. After building foundation, I suddenly had access to a huge range of tricks that had long been out of my reach.

It seems pretty obvious, looking back on it now, but excitement can sometimes override common sense. Those of us who have been around for a few years (or more than a few!) know that the real work is becoming skilled with basic movements, timing with your partner(s), developing awareness of solo and partner biomechanical alignment, and having a baseline of strength and flexibility to support good technique and form.

It’s nearing time for our Fundamentals Immersion coming up in Denver November 11-15. I’m excited about offering this training again to do our part to create a culture of progressive, method-based, and sustainable training. We offer a robust skill set that is designed to familiarize you with a wide array of acrobatics that you will use as a jumping off point for higher level skills down the road. We also offer a self-care component during the training that is designed specifically for reducing repetitive strain in hard-working acrobats. The people that are attracted to this immersion are humble, care about the process of learning more than the goal, and really celebrate every victory.

Maybe you’re a beginner and you’re not sure which training to do, or you’re not sure if it will be worth your time and money. My promise for you guys is that our teaching team knows ten steps before and fifty steps after wherever your level is in your first couple of years and we’ll work with you to grow your skill set. We’ll always offer more to those ready for it.

If you are a teacher that has done an Acro or AcroYoga teacher training program (and graduated), come play with us. We’ll give you a discount, and you’ll get a super thorough walk through of foundational acrobatics that will give you months of content for your classes complete with effective cues and proven progressions. You’ll also have a ton of fun fully mastering skills that you already have familiarity with.

I love this event because the vibe of patience, earnest hard work, and celebrating every success really pervades each moment of it. It’s our third cycle of LIFT Immersions and the Teacher Apprenticeship, and I’m excited to get started with this event that really promotes the training and community values that make acrobatics feel good.


Happy training guys!

Yours from the Acro Lab,



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