Some Considerations:

To be eligible to apply for LIFT Apprenticeship, you must have at least 60 hours of acrobatics training with Aaron and Christine in the past year at LIFT Immersions or at Pitch Catch Circus. You must also attend the Intermediate and Advanced Immersions so that we have time to work with you on skill development prior to teacher training. Our physical prerequisites are listed on the video application below. Applicants must also commit themselves to conveying positivity and helpfulness towards other teachers and styles of acrobatics in our growing community.

The Application Process:

Applying for LIFT Apprenticeship is a 4 part process. Part one is that you teach a class in your acro community. It can be informal in the park, or in a studio if you feel comfortable doing so. Part two is a video demonstrating your physical embodiment of acrobatic skills and a little bit of talking. It can be done on Vimeo, YouTube, or preferably Google Drive. Part 3 is to send us a letter of recommendation from a teacher in your community. Part four is a written application (link at the bottom of this page) that includes some intention setting, a brief quiz and a reflection on your class.

  1. Teach a class
  2. Video Application
  3. Send a letter of recommendation to
  4. Written Application

Video Application:

In order to have a great experience during the apprenticeship and to have a diverse offering as a teacher, you must have a well-rounded and honed skill set. This application includes a selection of skills that represent
common acrobatic building blocks that a teacher needs to present quality classes and to have a foundation to create more upon. These skills should be mastered so that you are ready to analyze movement and practice delivering accurate verbal cues rather than learn the skills during apprenticeship.

Spoken (up to 2 minutes):

Why would you like to be a LIFT apprentice?

Physical Embodiment: 

L-Basing Static Poses:

1 minute F2H and RF2H

1 minute Free Star

Jump to Reverse Star

Your best attempt at L-Base H2H (low or high, preferably jump to low or tempo jump to high)

Foundational Washing Machines:

High Barrel Roll

Ninja Star


Catherine’s Wheel

Big LeMoi

Your favorite washing machine

Standing Acro:

Flag to 2 High

2 High Squats

Standing Foot to Hand

Camel or Bird

Standing H2H

Your favorite standing skill

Pops and Icarian skills:

Pop chair to RF2H

Pop Chair to F2H (half turn)

Front plank pop to RH2H

Your favorite pop

Icarian seated straight throw

Icarian front plank straight throw

Solo skills:

1 minute Handstand at wall or free

10-15 Push Ups

Wheel (Full Back bend)

Front Split (not judging bases, we just want to see!)

Tumbling Skills:

Forward Roll

Backward Roll (any variety)


Handstand walk 4 steps

Please contact Aaron for current Apprenticeship offerings at

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!