Apprenticeship Teaching Team


Aaron Lind


Aaron is the founder and director of Lift School of Acrobatics. He designed the Lift teacher apprenticeship program based on years of teaching and training partner acrobatics, handstand training, and yoga. Aaron spent many years apprenticing under his own teachers, working closely with experienced professionals to learn the many parts to becoming an effective and compassionate teacher. He has designed Lift to be similarly experiential and intimate. Through the process of the Lift Apprenticeship program, he guides students on the journey of finding their own unique teaching voice by offering carefully crafted amounts of support and space to grow and experiment. His highest goal is to nudge students toward full confidence in self-expression and empowerment.



Eric Asay LMT, FMT


Eric is a licensed manual therapist, functional movement therapist, Lift School of Acrobatics and Acro Revolution teacher, and has trained in various other healing arts including neural and fascial movement therapy and taping, Structural Integration, Osteo-Symmetry® and Reiki. With more than 20 years of experience, Eric intuitively guides his students towards balance and health, in their body and acrobatic practice. Eric founded Knalu Balance, dedicated to sharing the love of movement and balance arts. Knalu fosters a community of trust, communication, healing, and play through acro yoga, slackline, hand balancing, and acropeutics. Eric provides instruction in acro, acropeutics, functional balanced movement, and manual therapy.

At LIFT, Eric teaches applied anatomy and therapy for acrobats. He includes instruction on self-care and healing practices to recover and rejuvenate from the  impact acrobatics training.

Photography by Ishine Gape and Eric Ward Photography