INTERMEDIATE IMMERSION July 24-28 2019 Columbus, OH


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Save the Date! The Intermediate Immersion is coming to Columbus July 24-28 with Aaron Lind, Alex Fennell, and Andrea Hidalgo, hosted by Aerotique!

This Immersion is a 5-day, 30 hour training for students who are ready to play and take the acrobatics practice to the next level! During the immersion, students will be introduced to intermediate level L-Basing washing machines, a variety of Icarian pops and 2 points of contact pops, standing acrobatics, solo tumbling, and handstand skills building on fundmental skills. Level-appropriate standing acrobatic skills including counterbalances, lifts, and preparatory elements for standing hand to hand and foot to hand skills will also be a component of training each day. If you are confident and stable in fundamental skills, this week-long offering will be the perfect segue into a world of acrobatic movement and transitions!

Full understanding and mastery of the content from this immersion is required to apply for upcoming teacher trainings!

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July 24-28, 2019

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Aerotique Columbus
6665 Singletree Dr.

Columbus, OH 43229

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Wednesday -Friday  8-11am, 1-4pm

Saturday 12-3pm, 5-8pm

Sunday 8:45-11:45am, 3:15-6:15pm

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* 22 skills test
* Jump to Reverse Star
* 30 second Free Star
* 30 second Tuck Sit
* 1 minute handstand at wall
* Two High
* Flag

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Early Bird: $400 by June 16
Late Bird: $500 thereafter

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a full refund will be given up to 3 weeks prior to the event minus a 3.2% processing fee. No refund will be given after this period.

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Aaron, Andrea, and Alex are a dynamic teaching team! Aaron is the founder and director of LIFT School of Acrobatics, and Alex and Andrea are certified and highly qualified teachers that graduated the rigorous LIFT apprenticeship program in 2017 and 2018 respectively. As a team, they are ready to bring you fun, intelligent teaching methodology, thoughtful coaching, and a week of community and connection that will level you up and inspire. LIFT teachers believe that partner acrobatics is a powerful venue for self discovery and empowerment through play, training and communication.


Aaron is a life-long student of many disciplines including partner acrobatics, yoga, and gymnastics. He is a certified level 2 AcroYoga teacher, is a co-founder of Acro Revolution and is the founder and director of Lift School of Acrobatics. Aaron also holds in MFA in Jazz Studies and loves to apply timing, rhythm, and feel to acrobatics! Aaron values his studentship as well as his roles as a teacher, and has trained with some of the most skilled acrobatics coaches in the world! He is excited to share his own experiences from his years of training to guide students on the path to becoming the best acrobats they can be.

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