Orlando Weekend Intensive with Aaron



Join LIFT founder Aaron Lind for a weekend of training towards high level acrobatics! This weekend is designed to enhance your knowledge and embodiment of a variety of skills ranging from dynamic L-Basing skills in the popping and Icarian realms to standing lifts, transitions, and Hand to Hand. Come prepared to have fun, learn new skills and new training tools, work hard and connect with training partners! Partnerships and groups are recommended but you may come solo and find partners in the group.

Foundational work:
Handstand, Foot to Hand and Hand to Hand skills have a wide application over many areas of acrobatics, especially popping, Icarian Games, and Hand to Hand entries, transitions, and exits. Coaching will be offered to the entire group, with additional skills offered to those coming with significant previous experience and calibrated partnership.

Building on foundational H2H and F2H work, we will train big pops that float, twist, and invert. Expect Pancakes, Hummingbirds, tempo skills, and much more!

Icarian Games:
Icarian is the art of throwing and catching a flyer from pose to pose and from base to base. Content will include progressions toward Castaway, Corbet, and Cascade, and work in and out of Foot to Foot and Reverse Foot to Foot. In addition, tempo skills in more foundational work will be a feature of the weekend.

Standing Acrobatics:
In the standing content for the weekend, we will explore a variety of lifts, transitions, foot to hand skills, and a safe and intelligent pathway to standing hand to hand. More individualized coaching and skills will be offered for those coming with a solid hand to hand in partnership.

Safety and spotting, training philosophy, and communication skills will be a major component of the weekend.

• 22 Skills Test:

• Jump to Reverse Star:
• 1 minute handstand at wall
• Squats in Two High
• High Bird

May 24-26

Friday 6-9 PM
Saturday 10-1 & 3-6
Sunday 10-1 & 3-6

Champion Athletics
2054 Platinum Rd
Apopka, FL 32703

$200 Early bird prior to May 1st
$225 thereafter

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