Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ page for LIFT School of Acrobatics apprenticeship!


The mentor-apprentice relationship is an incredible experience built on mutual respect, trust, and empowering training. Apprenticing with an experienced teacher is one of the most efficient and effective ways to gain insight into the inner workings of teaching acrobatic classes.


Apprenticeship is not for everyone however, and this FAQ is meant to help you to determine if small group focus training is right for you. If your question is not answered here, please send us a message so that we can add it and serve as many as possible.



What is apprenticeship?

The Lift Teacher Apprenticeship Program is a 200hr certification program designed for dedicated acro students who want to become professional acro teachers. We believe becoming a teacher takes time, experience and attention to honing your craft. Lift Apprenticeship is small group teacher training with personalized mentor-apprentice experience. The training consists of practice teaching, physical training, reading assignments, business and marketing development, online coaching & discussion, and teaching practice assignments done in between modules.



Who should become an apprentice?

Strong studentship over an extended period of time is the first step to becoming a teacher and community leader. LIFT apprentices are required to have undergone a minimum of 2 years of study with teachers, pass a skills test via video or live application, make a written application, and send written letters of recommendation from their teachers, studio owners, or other members of their acro community should a teacher not be available. Apprentices are students that have a strong desire to share acrobatics in a role of service, and are willing and able to receive feedback from experienced teachers in order to do so. Previously certified acrobatics teachers from any tradition (Acro Yoga Montreal, AcroYoga International, Acro Revolution, Partner Acrobatics, etc) are also great candidates for LIFT apprenticeship to hone their teaching abilities and expand their range of technique and skills.



Why should I become an apprentice, and what will apprenticeship do for my teaching?

We believe that the process of learning is not one to be rushed. During the training, apprentices learn by hands-on experience. Through practice teaching in small groups, coaching practice, and solution-oriented feedback, apprentices gain a broad set of tools that are essential to a professional teacher.



What kind of training does apprenticeship include?

Apprenticeship includes a wide range of activities including teaching practice, visual analysis of skills, lesson planning, extensive physical training in the realms of partner acrobatics, handstand, tumbling, and dance.  Apprenticeship also includes business development training, anatomical study, injury prevention and reduction techniques, and email, phone, and in-person dialogue regarding teaching assignments outside of the training modules.  



How long does it take?

Apprenticeship consists of 2 5-day modules and one 7 day module. The teaching assignments outside of training can take several hours to prepare and teach, and a minimum of 30 minutes check in time with a teacher after video review. The training is 200 hours but the time spent preparing outside of class is around 220 hours.



What is the cost?

The investment for apprenticeship is $3200, not including travel and accommodation costs.

Your apprenticeship includes practice teaching and acrobatics training sessions and ongoing mentorship during the course of the training. LIFT is a non-residential training, so all food and necessities aside from training are your responsibility.



How does apprenticeship compare to a large teacher training with many students?

LIFT Apprenticeship training is limited to 16 students per year, and is spread out over the course of several months. In small group, the teaching staff has much greater opportunity to offer personalized coaching as well as an ongoing conversation of developing teaching skills over a much greater expanse of time.



Will I receive a certification upon completion of my apprenticeship?

Upon the completion of LIFT apprenticeship training and satisfactory work for all teaching and homework assignments, you will receive a certificate of completion for 200 hours of training.



Do I need to do anything to maintain my certification?

In order to maintain your LIFT certification, you must adhere to a mutually supportive and respectful set of values.
LIFT Teachers:

Commitment to representing LIFT, other LIFT teachers, and other traditions of acrobatics (, Acro Yoga Montreal, Acro Revolution, etc) respectfully, appropriately, with kindness, and with a community vision of creating opportunities for each other.

Commitment to continuing education and studentship in the realms of partner acrobatics and related physical disciplines (handstand training, pedagogy intensives, anatomical studies, etc), hours must be submitted annually to maintain certification

Understanding that use of the branding and certification is conditional to maintaining post-graduation training hour and ethical responsibilities.