Shoulder Mobility and Activation for Acrobats with Mason Shelton

Shoulder Mobility and Activation for Acrobats with Mason Shelton

Training partner acrobatics works the body in some great ways, and can also create imbalance and pain when not paired with a more holistic exercise program. Acrobatics is primarily a pushing sport both in L-Basing and standing situations. Given that acrobats do primarily do variations of bench press and military press movements with their arms, the shoulders tend to pull forward due to front body tension, which can strain the back of the shoulders and cause pain and disfunction.

While teaching at Pitch Catch Spring 2017 we had a great opportunity to work with our friend Mason Shelton, who is a Doctor of Physical Therapy in the Asheville area. Mason’s knowledge and skill with bodywork really amazed us, as did his ability to assess disfunction and give releases and exercises to restore balance.

Mason kept the acrobats training at Pitch Catch in great condition by educating how to mobilize and strengthen the imbalances that acro training can create, and also by doing excellent bodywork. We took him up on his generous offer to share some of his information with our community.

Check out the video for several techniques to mobilize, activate, and strengthen the muscles that keep our shoulders working properly. Keep your shoulders happy!

For more information about Mason, please check out his website:


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