LIFT Teacher Apprenticeship Program

The next LIFT School of Acrobatics Apprenticeship Begins May 2019!

LIFT offers the tools to becoming a full fledged teacher and coach in a format that is fun, challenging, and life-changing. Becoming a skilled teacher takes time, training, refinement, and support. There are many areas a teacher needs to be skilled in. During the course of our 200 hour program, apprentices will learn and practice in the following areas:

  • Learn to to develop and maintain a personal acrobatic training program that will keep you moving forward to higher level skills. Your personal practice is the your most important asset an resource as a teacher.
  • Learn and practice powerful communication techniques to handle a variety of teaching situations.
  • Learn and practice strategies to reach a broad variety of students.
  • Learn and train practical exercises to develop your coaching eye and your to deliver accurate and effective cues.
  • Develop a personal and authentic teaching voice.
  • Receive support and reflection in practical teaching experiences.
  • Receive coaching on how to grow and guide acro communities safely, ethically, and professionally.
  • Receive coaching on how to grow an acro teaching business as a newly certified instructor setting up a new community and as a new teacher in an existing community.

More About LIFT Teacher Apprenticeship

During the course of 3 training immersions and 3 teacher training modules, this program will give you the experience and the skills to become a qualified and certified acrobatics instructor and community leader. Subject material will not only include physical skills, but also essential and peripheral skills to teaching including group facilitation, business practices, community building techniques, acro as performance, applicable anatomy and therapy for acrobats, handling community issues, and more.


Training Days

Training days will include handstand training, solo movement studies, dance, anatomy, practice teaching, visual analysis of acrobatic skill, discussion on the art of creating a safe, welcoming and powerful learning environment, and a variety of lectures pertinent to the business and lifestyle of teaching acrobatics. The training will also include instruction on self-care and healing practices to recover and rejuvenate from acrobatics training.

Course Work

Another key component of Lift teacher training is course work done in between modules. Students will be given teaching assignments and written homework assignments designed to create a bridge to more complex teaching skills. We believe that the best learning happens as a result of reflection on real teaching experiences, so home teaching assignments are a critical part of our training.


Certification will be granted upon satisfactory completion of all of the contact hours, teaching assignments, and written assignments within the time boundaries of the apprenticeship program. Certification is not guaranteed by merely attending the course, all homework and demonstration of exemplary teaching as well as maintenance of studentship are required. Lift School of Acrobatics Apprenticeship has some of the highest standards for training partner acrobatics teachers in the industry, and graduates are held to a high standard of teaching and training after the Apprenticeship program is complete.

Lift Apprenticeship is for you if:

  • You are passionate about teaching Acro!
  • You have a very strong desire to facilitate other’s acrobatics training and strive for other’s success.
  • You want to commit to a process of exploration, growth, and empowerment over a significant period of time.
  • You have been training acrobatics for a significant period of time and have achieved proficiency with a variety of acrobatic skills.
  • You are interested in anatomical study, self-care and healing practices to balance acro and strength training.
  • You are looking for a thorough walk-through and discussion of all of the roles necessary to being an exemplary acrobatics teacher, an analytical and effective coach, an ethical businessperson, and a community leader with integrity.
  • You want feedback on your teaching, coaching, and public speaking skills from well established and experienced teachers.
  • You want to join a tight knit and supportive family of professional teachers.

This training is not for you if:

  • You are not interested in teaching acrobatics, you just want to learn more skills. (Come to our Immersion Program)
  • You are in your first year of acro and are just getting a handle on the fundamentals.
  • You are looking for a quick, one-time certification over the course of a few days.
  • You prefer being in a large class with less personal attention from teachers.
  • You don’t want to receive feedback about your acro practice and teaching.
  • You are not open to new ideas about teaching and learning acrobatics.
  • You don’t like the step by step method towards building skills.
  • You are not interesting in learning technique, form, and body mechanics for acrobatics and how to coach others through these concepts.


$3200 includes course tuition, personal support between modules, the manual, and a certified teacher tank top upon graduation.
Your travel, food, and residence are not included.

To Apply, please visit our Application Page.

Apprenticeship Dates and Location:



Kompound Training Center

4434 Cherokee St.

Denver, CO 80216

How to Apply:

First of all train, train, train! A full fledged teacher should be a few years ahead of their students in embodiment and knowledge. If this is you, and you have spent time learning from us and other coaches, follow the link to our application page!